Dry Scrubbers: The Importance of removing exhaust gas

Dry Scrubbers: The Importance of removing exhaust gas

Many industrial operations such as power plants, recycling facilities and oil refineries can be the lead cause of increased pollution through harmful gases. This is mainly caused by the exhaust gases entering the atmosphere unfiltered directly from the outgoing airflow of these operations.

To minimize the environmental impact, it is advised to use Dry Scrubbers in various industries because they protect the environment from harmful gases and substances from entering the surrounding air and helping to reduce the environmental impact. In addition to the fact that Alfaintek Dry Scrubbers are able to get rid of the majority of pollutants from exhaust gases, they create very little waste compared to wet scrubbers eliminating the need for disposal of wet waste.

Problems with pollutants and contaminants in exhaust gases with any volume of airflow can be solved with Alfaintek Dry Scrubbers.

The Alfaintek Dry Scrubbers adsorb pollutants and contaminants from exhaust gases during the operation of power plants. Chemicals in exhaust gases can be kept free from contamination with the use of Dry Scrubbers. Our solution helps to get rid of most pollutants from exhaust gases and prevents contaminants from entering the surrounding air.

Factories produce gases that can be neutralized with specific carbon filters supplied with Alfaintek Dry Scrubbers. The carbon filters eliminate many contaminants including acidic substances like hydrochloric acid, formaldehyde, oxides of nitrogen, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide and many more.

Our standard Dry Scrubber models with leg mounting can be positioned on the ground with an easy access for maintenance and inspection.

A highly efficient Dry Scrubber adsorbs the outgoing gases before they enter the atmosphere. The media used in our Dry Scrubbers must be replaced after it has approached its saturation point with Alfaintek service and maintenance parts.

Even high air flow can sustain a pressure drop lower than 2,5 mbar by using the Alfaintek Dry Scrubbers.

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