Gas Phase: The Necessity of Filtration

Gas Phase: The Necessity of Filtration

The increase in air pollution from automobiles and industrial activities lead to concerns about the air we breathe. In addition, harmful gases adversely affect electronics, emit unpleasant odors and put people at risk. That is why gas phase filtration has never been more important. Gas phase filtration removes harmful gases and protects your equipment and personnel.

As background gas phase filtration is designed to remove toxic, contaminated and harmful gases from the air. At Alfaintek, we remove gases using two methods: adsorption and chemisorption, in layman´s terms, physically and chemically. Such methods apply to the purification of air which enters your premises. Such air typically contains external contaminants, especially in industrial areas and in the close proximity of highways. Gas phase filtration also applies to the purification of polluted air from indoor industrial production. Gas phase filtration protects equipment from corrosion, removes unpleasant odors and improves the quality of air.

The first step is the removal of gases from the air: adsorption – that is, the physical removal of gases from the air. Adsorption, the ability of sorbents to attract the molecules of gases to the sorbent surfaces. In the second stage, the removal of gases is carried out by using chemisorption. Chemisorption is a type of adsorption that involves a chemical reaction between gases and an adsorbent. That allows you to turn gases into stable compounds, in the form of non-harmful salts which cling to the sorbent.

Gas phase filtration is essential to protect the valuable electronics of your equipment, to safeguard the health of your employees and to remove odors from your production.

Alfaintek Gas Phase Filtration solves all these problems. Find out more about the Alfaintek gas phase filtration process.