Bomb Shelters and Underground Bunkers: The Importance to remove CO2

Bomb Shelters and Underground Bunkers: The Importance to remove CO2

To maintain a safe environment in Underground Bunkers and Bomb Shelters, it is crucial to have the capability to cut off the outside source of air in case of a nuclear attack or accidental release of industrial chemicals in addition to other harmful gases such as smoke, carbon monoxide.

Underground Bunkers and Bomb Shelters with no air filtration are the simplest and lowest in cost since ventilated safe room requires an external ventilator. A ventilation unit should be installed to pass contaminated air through a filter that will purify the air supplied to the room.

However, in low-cost Underground Bunkers and Bomb Shelters with no ventilation the carbon dioxide (CO2) starts to build up very quickly. People produce carbon dioxide while breathing, an average human exhales about 20 liters of carbon dioxide per hour. This makes carbon dioxide (CO2) the major pollutant inside shelters and bunkers. A concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) over 0,5% for several hours can be considered very high in sealed environments such as shelters and bunkers. This may lead to health issues for people inside the shelters and bunkers including headache, breathing problems and many other more harmful conditions even death due to very high concentration of CO2 in the air.

Shortage of breath may occur after staying in a sealed shelter environment for a long period of time and is solely caused by the buildup of carbon dioxide, not the lack of oxygen. This is the very reason why controlling the carbon dioxide (CO2) level in the air inside the Underground Bunkers and Bomb Shelters is crucial.

The companies offering shelters, bunkers and ventilation for these spaces often state that the carbon dioxide level in their shelters is safe. Nevertheless, it should be considered that carbon dioxide levels may rise up to 1% making it unsafe for people especially children, elderly and those suffering from cardiovascular diseases and asthma. Extremely high levels beyond 10% concentration of CO2 may lead to death.

The simplest and most cost-efficient way is to equip the shelter or bunker with a carbon dioxide scrubber. By using the Alfaintek CO2 (carbon dioxide) Scrubbers in the shelter or in the bunkers, you will ensure that people can stay safely inside without ventilation for several days.

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