Multifunctional Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Air Scrubbers

The Alfaintek Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Air Scrubber is designed to maintain a safe and comfortable carbon dioxide level in the premises by eliminating the excess carbon dioxide from the air. The CO2 Scrubber helps to keep the indoor air at a stable ambient carbon dioxide level as low as 400ppm.

A high indoor air quality can be maintained by using the Alfaintek Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Air Scrubber when:

  • Outdoor ventilation is providing insufficient fresh air inside the premises to sustain a safe and pleasant level of carbon dioxide
  • There is no ventilation in the room
  • The Alfaintek Carbon Dioxide Scrubber can be used in addition to the existing ventilation for best results

An innovative technology used in Alfaintek CO2 Scrubbers removes excess carbon dioxide using a special absorbent. The lower the concentration of carbon dioxide needed; the greater amount of absorbent is required.

A fixed and stable level of carbon dioxide concentration can be achieved by installing the Alfaintek CO2 Air Scrubber inside the room or any other indoor areas.

Specific Applications

Artificial high-altitude chambers, tents, rooms

Reducing CO2 concentration in the air in the simulated high-altitude training environment can increase athletic performance and physiological adaptations.

Underground bunkers and shelters

Alfaintek Carbon Dioxide Air Scrubber will keep CO2 levels on a safe and stable level in underground bunkers and shelters.

Hospital surgery rooms

It is essential to provide clean air with a low carbon dioxide (CO2) level to hospital surgery rooms to ensure staff and patient safety.