Altitude tent and Hypoxia chamber  CO2  Air Scrubbers

Breathing mountain air during simulated high-altitude training made possible with the Alfaintek CO2 Air Scrubber.

While training in the mountains at high altitudes the CO2 level can be as low as 0,03% but the typical CO2 level in altitude tent and hypoxia chamber can be as high as 0,5%!

Elevated CO2 levels in altitude tents and hypoxia chambers trigger hypercapnia symptoms and make hypoxia symptoms worse.

High-altitude training also known as hypoxic training involves exercising or living in the oxygen reduced air.

Competitive athletes have been using altitude training at high-altitudes for many decades as it can significantly improve athletic performance. Simulated high-altitude training can be performed at the sea level with the same benefits as the high-altitude training in the mountains through the use of altitude tent and hypoxia chamber. The supply of fresh air in  altitude tents and hypoxia chambers is limited and not sufficient.

To breath mountain air while high-altitude training it is important to note that real mountain air is clean and the CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels are substantially lower at 0,03% compared to artificial high-altitude training facilities.

While sleeping in altitude tent and hypoxia chamber one person exhales around 5,27 gallons / 24 liters of CO2 per hour. During training in the same altitude tent and hypoxia chamber  the production of CO2 per hour can be 50 gallons /240 liters of pure carbon dioxide (CO2) or even more. For this reason the CO2 levels in altitude tents and hypoxia chambers can often climb to 0,5% or even up to 1% CO2. The ASHRAE recommendation is for indoor CO2 levels not to exceed 0,1%.

A high concentration of carbon dioxide in the air during high-altitude training or sleeping  in altitude tents and hypoxia chambers may lead to hypercapnia – a condition where there is carbon dioxide (CO2) buildup in the bloodstream.

Symptoms of a mild hypercapnia:

  • Fatigue
  • High pulse
  • Headache
  • Skin flushing
  • Short breath
  • Elevation of arterial blood pressure

Elevated CO2 levels during high-altitude training in altitude tents and hypoxia chambers might generate hypoxia symptoms or make them worse.

While air separation units or hypoxic generators cannot support low levels of CO2 individually, they must be used together with the Alfaintek CO2 scrubber. Our CO2 Scrubber removes all the build-up of carbon dioxide that has been produced by human metabolism during high-altitude training or sleeping.

The Alfaintek CO2 Scrubber will help you to maintain a normal and stable CO2 level in the high-altitude training chambers and tents.

We offer our CO2 Air Scrubbers with replacement cartridges which can be easily installed into a high-altitude training chamber or tent to achieve the ideal CO2 level for maximum training benefits.

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