Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Ais Scrubbers for cleanrooms

Cleanrooms are specially constructed, enclosed spaces with the lowest concentration of airborne particles. Clean rooms are facilities most commonly utilized as surgery rooms or as a part of specialized industrial production. They can also be used for scientific research, including the production of pharmaceutical items, manufacturing of electronic hardware and microprocessors. In biotechnology and medicine, cleanrooms are the premises free of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.

The most popular air handling solution for the clean rooms are so called re-circulated systems which offer such benefits as economies of scale, size and energy conservation. During re-circulation there is no fresh air supply to the room.

If there are people within the premises, the carbon dioxide (CO2) level starts to rise, because each person exhales at least 25 -30 liters of carbon dioxide per hour or more depending on the activity.

Elevated indoor carbon dioxide levels create health, productivity and comfort problems including a significant decrease in the human attention span.

The Alfaintek Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Air Scrubber is the only way to forcibly eliminate carbon dioxide (CO2) from indoor air to keep its level according to accepted standards inside premises with insufficient ventilation.

Alfaintek’s market leading solution, The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Air Scrubber, can be used separately from the ventilation system functioning similarly as a recirculation line or be integrated into HVAC systems.

In case of recirculation, CO2 Air scrubber takes air from the room, purifies the air from carbon dioxide and returns it with a low to zero level of CO2 concentration back into the room. Thanks to the Alfaintek CO2 solution, the carbon dioxide concentration in the room can be maintained at the required level.

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