Bomb shelters and Underground bunkers CO2 solutions

The major pollutant in our living premises is carbon dioxide which people produce while breathing. An average human exhales around 1 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) per day. In a sealed environment such as bomb shelters and underground bunkers or in the safe rooms the most dangerous thing is not the lack of oxygen, but the build of carbon dioxide up to lethal levels. This is the reason why controlling carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the air of underground shelters and bunkers or in a safe room by using carbon dioxide air scrubbers is crucial.

10% CO2 concentration in air is fatal to humans.

Equipping bomb shelters and underground bunkers with a carbon dioxide scrubber is a good investment as after the first hours of a nuclear attack, smoke, carbon monoxide as well as radiation particles could overpower the ventilation and filtration systems. By using a proper portable carbon dioxide air scrubber people may stay without ventilation for several days in the bomb shelter and underground bunker or in a safe room.

Nbc air filtration system should not be switched on to bring in fresh air in case of ground fires. In this situation people in the shelters have to breath the sealed atmosphere air inside bomb shelters and underground bunkers.

Tightly sealed unventilated bomb shelters and underground bunkers cannot be used for a long period without the risk of lethally high carbon dioxide levels if they are not fitted with carbon dioxide scrubbers.

In case there is need to take in more people into bomb shelters and underground bunkers than it can accommodate, a carbon dioxide scrubber is essential.

The safely sustainable time in the same sealed bunker or shelter for different number of adults is shown below.

Safe hours in the shelter

Some companies offering underground shelters, bunkers and nbc air filtration systems for shelters/bunkers claim that carbon dioxide levels in their bunkers and shelters are safe. However, if the carbon dioxide (CO2) level rises up to 1% inside the bomb shelters /underground bunker, it becomes life threatening for people and especially for children, elderly and people in generally poor health, for asthmatics and people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. 10% concentration will cause death. This is why this kind of air filtration systems for underground bunkers is not enough and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Scrubbers are needed.

By using Alfaintek Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers the level of carbon dioxide may be kept well below 0,1% (1000ppm) in the bomb shelters and underground bunkers, the same amount as in a well ventilated room.

Alfaintek Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers have as well special charcoal filters that purify the indoor air from dust, smells, particles and VOC.

With the Alfaintek Carbon Dioxide Scrubber people do not have to suffer from CO2 high level and poor air quality inside bomb shelters and underground bunkers at all!

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