Compressor Intake Filter System

Centrifugal Compressors at industrial plants is exposed to discharging contaminants on a regular basis which cause damage in the form of corrosion. Aggressive condensation attacking metal surfaces is created by corrosive gases raising the acidity of the compressed air and leading to a substantial decrease in the centrifugal compressor`s efficiency. It is crucial to remove gaseous contaminants and particulates from the inlet airstream to be able to guarantee a long service life and minimal repairs of the compressor. The Alfaintek Centrifugal Compressors Intake Filter System provides non-corrosive and purified air for industrial air compressor appliances.

The inlet filtration systems in the centrifugal  compressors reduce gasses, particulates and some of the corrosive species such as metallic salts from entering the industrial compressor. However, a lot of corrosive species such as NOx and SOx are not filtered by the inlet filters. Many of these corrosive species are in a gaseous form which are deposited inside the centrifugal compressors during the process where outside air enters the compressor and is compressed to a higher temperature and pressure.

The Alfaintek Centrifugal Compressor Intake Filter System can effectively eliminate up to 100% of particulates entering the compressor and corrosive species such as chlorides, sulfur, fluorine, NOx, SOx and many others.

Alfaintek is the worldwide leader in industrial filtration. Our products are developed to satisfy the most demanding customer needs and our Compressor Intake Filter System has been designed to remove issues impacting the air compressors such as vibration and efficiency loss.

The Alfaintek Centrifugal Compressor Intake Filter System is suitable for low intake pressure drops and the design is tailored for individual customer needs. Appropriate air filtration is crucial for the performance and reliability of the industial air compressors and gas turbines.

Our Centrifugal Compressors Intake Filter System helps to enhance performance of the compressor and will result in operational cost savings. The engines will stay much cleaner leading to fewer shutdowns, sustained usability and reduced maintenance costs of industrial compressors.

Benefits of Alfaintek Centrifugal Compressor Intake Filter System:

• High efficiency filter elements prevent the entrance of particulates and corrosive species
• Standard material - corrosion resistant stainless steel construction for long lasting in-field operation