Corrosive Control Air Filtration System

Alfaintek Corrosive Control Air Filtration System is an air purification system which has been developed to clean and recirculate the air inside the industrial controlled environment with electronic equipment and delicate computers.

Corrosion can appear where unprotected metallic surfaces are exposed to contaminant gases. Our Corrosive Control Air Filtration System will successfully eliminate those corrosive gases from the process air.

The Alfaintek Corrosive Control Air Filtration System protects against failures and data loss in environments such as data centers and control rooms. Contaminant gases entering the room air can be hazardous especially in data centers and lead to corrosion. Corrosive Air Filtration will protect your electronic components and technical equipment.

Control rooms, data centers may be affected by acidic gases as a result of the industrial process and can lead to damages in critical components. Alfaintek Corrosive Air Filtration System effectively removes corrosive contaminant gases from the process air and ensures seamless operation without downtime and time-consuming maintenance.

Corrosive contaminant air can be controlled and prevented from entering the switch cabinets and electronic devices. This kind of devices in particular are vulnerable to faults when being exposed to corrosive and damp air. Electrified components with formed corrosion film can have faulty currents and contact failures resulting in costly repairs and production interruptions. Operations costs can be reduced by protecting the devices from corrosion with the Alfaintek Corrosive Control Air Filtration Systems.

The Alfaintek Corrosive Air Filtration System will clean and recirculate the interior room air providing a corrosion-free and clean controlled environment. After the filtration the clean air will meet or even exceed industrial standards. Low corrosive gas levels can be achieved in the industrial environment by filtering the room air with our Corrosive Control Filtration Systems.

Alfaintek Corrosive Air Filtration Unit is tailored to satisfy all customer air filtration needs and can be used in different process industries including smelting plants, pulp and paper mills, refineries and petrochemical plants.

Benefits of Alfaintek Corrosive Control Air Filtration System:

  • Unique design offers advantages to solve several problems of the corrosive air with multiple filtration medias
  • Vertical or horizontal design
  • Robust construction materials to choose from: Al galvanized sheet steel or stainless steel
  • Suitable for operation in cold or hot climates
  • Easy-change replacement cartridges
  • Vibration isolation for quiet operation
  • Filtration efficiency – up to 99,9%
  • Suitable for installation indoors and outdoors
  • Direct Drive Fan