Filter Unit for Health Care

The Alfaintek Filter Unit for Health Care is a bactericidal filtration unit with a filtration class H11-H13 and which provides gas purification for the supply and exhaust ventilation system. Our Filter Unit for Health Care is an integrated technology for disinfection and purification of the air, which allows not only to filter the air with the highest effectiveness and destroying all the microorganisms, but also purifies it from harmful substances in the gas phase. The Alfaintek technology is based on multifunctional filtration and can easily clean all air pollutants therefore solving all the decontamination and air purification issues.

The Alfaintek Filter Unit for Health Care allows to increase process efficiency and safety of air purification within medical facilities. Our innovative Filter Unit simultaneously filters air pollution, removes microorganisms with the help of filters as well as purifies the air of harmful substances and odors.

The highest level of purified air

The Alfaintek Filter Unit for Health Care captures and destroys pathogenic microorganisms allowing to completely eliminate the risk of dangerous microflora penetrating the premises. In addition to performing a complex air purification, the Filter Unit will provide crucial HEPA-filtration and purification from smell and harmful gases. Our Filter Unit for Health is also designed to safely work in harsh environment containing smoke, smog or excess amounts of dust thanks to its robust and unique design.

Energy efficiency

The pressure drop in the Filter Unit is substantially lower than in a deep bed filter requiring less energy resulting in a cost-efficient ventilation system.