CO2 Absorber and CO2 Breather Filters for water tanks

Alfaintek is the leading designer and manufacturer of CO2 Absorbers / CO2 Tank Breather Filters which remove CO2 from the airflow during the storage tank emptying process.

The Carbon Dioxide Removal System for demineralized water tanks prevents carbon dioxide (CO2) from dissolving to the water by extracting it from the supplied air.

The Alfaintek CO2 Absorbers / CO2 Tank Breather Filters is installed on the respiratory valve of the tank. Mounting can be done to the ground or on top of the tank. The efficiency of CO2 filtration is up to 100% enabling the high quality of demineralized water in the demineralized water tank.

Our industrial water tank CO2 Absorbers / CO2 Tank Breather Filters benefit from:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Fully customizable flange connection
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Low pressure drop

High quality demineralized water is crucial for industries such as power generation, pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing which have strict quantitative and qualitative regulatory demands.

Most commonly low levels of ionic impurities in ultra-pure water are examined through analysis measuring the resistivity and conductivity of the sample. Demineralized water is exposed to CO2 in the air increasing its conductivity and appears as contamination in the water. Depending on the CO2 concentration of the incoming air, the conductivity of the water can increase up to ~0.8-1.5 µS/cm.

The Alfaintek CO2 Absorber / CO2 Tank Breather Filter is the perfect solution to stabilize pH and keep low conductivity to achieve the highest water quality available even in large tanks with high air flow.

CO2 Absorbers / CO2 Tank Breather Filters can be positioned on the respiratory valve of the tank either on ground or on top of the tank.

The CO2 Tank Breather Filters and CO2  Absorber for demineralized water tanks should be positioned on the tank vent preventing CO2 from entering tank through the existing air.

The special construction of  CO2 Absorber / CO2 Tank Breather Filter provides a low pressure drop, which is important for DM water tank safety.

• DM water process and storage tanks
• NaOH bulk storage vessels