Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to prevent carbon dioxide (CO2) from entering demineralized water tanks during the emptying process?

    Alfaintek CO2 Scrubbers and CO2 Tank Breather Filters removes CO2 from the airflow during the storage tank emptying process. The Carbon Dioxide Removal System for demineralized water tanks prevents carbon dioxide (CO2) from dissolving to the water by extracting it from the supplied air. The Alfaintek CO2 Scrubber for DM water tanks is the perfect solution to stabilize pH and keep low conductivity to achieve the highest water quality available even in large tanks with high air flow.

  • Is it possible to protect the liquid content in the storage tank from particulate or chemical vapors in the incoming air?

    The Alfaintek Tank Breather Filter for Dust and Odour Control has a wide operational range from cleaning dust particles and absorbing the chemical vapor pollutants during the thermal breathing, filling or discharging of the storage tank. The design of our Tank Breather Filter for Dust and Odour Control allows for the clean air to move in and out of the tank during draining, filling and thermal breathing. While the air passes through the Breather filter it is cleaned from dust particles, various odors, chemical compounds in addition to toxic and hazardous vapor contaminants.

  • How can the impact of gas condensation on metal surfaces be prevented in the industrial environment?

    Alfaintek Chemical Air Filters for Gas Phase are designed to be highly effective in environments with medium-to-high contaminant gas levels. Usage of Alfaintek Chemical Air Filters for Gas Phase will prevent toxic, corrosive or odorous gases from entering the indoor air, as they can negatively impact human health, production processes and electronic devices. Such corrosive gases are chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and sulfur dioxide.

  • What solutions do you provide which can solve problems with corrosion, moisture and contaminants in the storage tanks?

    The Alfaintek Tank Desiccant Breather blocks the atmospheric air moisture from penetrating the storage tank at the time of draining and thermal inbreathing. By preventing the moisture from the surrounding air from condensating inside the storage tank, the Alfaintek Tank Desiccant Breathers help to store products with higher level of purity which have ability to mix with water. Filling of the tank can also produce gases that can be neutralized with specific carbon filters supplied with Alfaintek Tank Desiccant Breathers.

  • How to control and prevent corrosive contaminant air from entering the switch cabinets and electronic devices?

    Alfaintek Corrosive Air Filtration Unit is an air purification system which has been developed to clean and recirculate the air inside the industrial controlled environment with electronic equipment and delicate computers.

    Corrosion can appear where unprotected metallic surfaces are exposed to contaminant gases. The Alfaintek Corrosive Air Filtration Unit protects against failures and data loss in environments such as data centers and control rooms. Contaminant gases entering the room air can be hazardous especially in data centers and lead to corrosion. Our Corrosive Air Filtration Unit will protect your electronic components and technical equipment.

  • What happens when manufacturing equipment at industrial plants are exposed to discharging contaminants on a regular basis?

    Aggressive condensation attacking metal surfaces is created by corrosive gases raising the acidity of the compressed air and leading to a substantial decrease in the compressor efficiency. It is crucial to remove gaseous contaminants and particulates from the inlet airstream to be able to guarantee a long service life and minimal repairs of the compressor. The Alfaintek Compressor Intake Filter System provides non-corrosive and purified air for industrial air compressor appliances. The Alfaintek Compressor Intake Filter System can effectively eliminate up to 100% of particulates entering the compressor and corrosive species such as chlorides, sulfur, fluorine, NOx, SOx and many others.

  • Why should carbon dioxide (CO2) levels inside underground shelters and bunkers be controlled?


    The major pollutant in our living premises is carbon dioxide which people produce while breathing. An average human exhales around 1 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) per day. In a sealed environment such as underground shelters and bunkers or in the safe rooms the most dangerous thing is not the lack of oxygen, but the build of carbon dioxide up to lethal levels. Equipping underground shelters and bunkers with a carbon dioxide scrubber is a good investment as after the first hours of a nuclear attack, smoke, carbon monoxide as well as radiation particles could overpower the ventilation and filtration systems. By using a proper portable carbon dioxide air scrubber people may stay without ventilation for several days in the underground shelters and bunkers or in a safe room. The Alfaintek Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers have special charcoal filters that purify the indoor air from dust, smells, particles and VOC. They consume little power and can be run on batteries in case of a power cut.

  • How do elevated indoor carbon dioxide levels effect human health in the cleanrooms?

    The most popular air handling solution for the clean rooms are so called re-circulated systems which offer such benefits as economies of scale, size and energy conservation. During re-circulation there is no fresh air supply to the room. If there are people within the premises, the carbon dioxide (CO2) level starts to rise, because each person exhales at least 25 -30 liters of carbon dioxide per hour or more depending on the activity. Elevated indoor carbon dioxide levels create health, productivity and comfort problems including a significant decrease in the human attention span.  The Alfaintek Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Air Scrubber is the only way to forcibly eliminate carbon dioxide (CO2) from indoor air to keep its level according to accepted standards inside premises with insufficient ventilation. The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Air Scrubber, can be used separately from the ventilation system functioning similarly as a recirculation line or be integrated into HVAC systems.

  • Why are low CO2 levels in high-altitude training chambers crucial and how can a healthy and low level be achieved?

    While training in the mountains at high altitudes the CO2 level can be as low as 0,03% but the typical CO2 level in the high-altitude chambers, tents and rooms can be as high as 0,5%! Elevated CO2 levels in high-altitude training chambers trigger hypercapnia symptoms and make hypoxia symptoms worse. A high concentration of carbon dioxide in the air during high-altitude training or sleeping may lead to hypercapnia – a condition where there is carbon dioxide (CO2) buildup in the bloodstream. While air separation units or hypoxic generators cannot support low levels of CO2 individually, they can be used together with the Alfaintek CO2 scrubber. Our CO2 Scrubber removes all the build-up of carbon dioxide that has been produced by human metabolism during high-altitude training or sleeping. The Alfaintek CO2 Scrubber will help you to maintain a normal and stable CO2 level in the high-altitude training chambers and tents.