About Alfaintek

Since 2005, Finland based ALFAINTEK has been providing the advanced air purification systems for the commercial, industrial, and residential markets worldwide. We offer clean air purification solutions to both public and private sectors including electricity and heat generation, wastewater treatment, aluminium smelters, chemical and pharmaceutical facilities in addition to the oil and gas industry. In the private sector we supply solutions for hospitals, underground shelters, simulated high altitude chambers and private safe rooms.

The ALFAINTEK product family is designed by qualified scientists, chemists and engineers who are able to provide high-quality air purification systems for industries and appliances where durable solutions are crucial.

ALFAINTEK air purification systems are engineered specifically to provide a clean, safe and comfortable indoor air environment. By offering CO2 air filtration systems for different applications ALFAINTEK reduces or eliminates the demand for a constant air supply while maintaining a safe and low CO2 indoor environment.

ALFAINTEK provides high quality air purification systems for industrial processes which require a low CO2 and a clean dry air environment to protect equipment from oxidation guaranteeing manufacturing continuity in the most demanding applications.

ALFAINTEK offers air purification systems for removal and reduction:

  • CO2
  • vapors of organic compounds: ketones, ethers, alcohols and others
  • organic gases including Cl2, HC and HNO3 amongst others
  • fugitive sulfur derivatives: H2S, H2SO4, Sox
  • ozone, formaldehydes, ammonia and its derivatives
  • water vapors

Applications of ALFAINTEK air purification systems

For People

Healthcare Facilities

Commercial Buildings

Underground Shelters and Safe Rooms

Museums and Historic Storages

Altitude Training Chambers and Tents

For Industries

Manufacturing Facilities

Pharmaceutical Factories

Oil and Gas Refineries and Facilities

Petrochemical Plants

Power Generation

And Others